Bitumen Pot & Burner

Product Code: CON87

The bitumen pot & boiler is used to heat and pour bitumen which is most commonly used for roofing projects where the roof needs a coating to become watertight & weatherproof. This prolongs the life of the roof.

When you hire a Bitumen boiler for GEM Tool Hire you are provided with all the machine accessories you will require to heat bitumen. The gas to used to heat the bitumen is however an extra charge.

Comes with:

Burner, Hose, Pot & Regulator

This machine can be collected using any medium to large car, pick up or van

Safety Equipment Required:

Protective Gloves, Safety Footwear & Eye protection.


1 Day: £27.00 + VAT

2 Day: £33.75 + VAT

3 Day: £38.25 + VAT

Week: £45.00 + VAT

Extra Days: £6.43 + VAT

Deposit: £80.00 (Card Only)

Gas at an extra charge

*Deposit amount may vary depending on the length of hire

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