Bosch Accessories

We stock a huge range of Bosch power tools accessories, with at least 7 metres worth of display stands situated in both of depots. You can find many different sizes and lengths for all of the accessories stocked.  If we don’t have what your looking for then we can order the desired item within 3 working days*. Examples of the accessories we keep in stock are:

*subject to availability

Hole Cutters:                                         Jigsaw Blades:






SDS+ & Max Chisels:                            Orbital Sanding Discs:






SDS+ Drill Bits:                                          Multiconstruction Drill Bits:






HSS Drill Bits:                                           Cobalt Drill Bits:






Auger Drill Bits:                                       Brad Point Drill Bits:






Accessory Sets                                          Multi-Tool Blades






Recip Saw Blades:                                       Ceramic Drill Bit:






Masonry Drill Bits:                                          Fortsner Drill Bit:






Flap Discs:                                               Circular Saw Blades:






Multi Sander Pads:                                     Orbital Sanding Pads:

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