Cobra Ducting Rod

Cobra Ducting Rod 120M

Product Code: BLD46

High-quality glass fibre Cobra conduit duct rods are ideal for short to long installations into cable ducts.

The 9mm cobra conduit duct rods come complete with a mobile frame for ease of use and a free-standing frame – all conduit duct rods have high tensile strength for cable and pipe laying contractors.

Cobra duct rods are often referred to as Duct Rodders


Continuous 120m Duct Rod

Facilitates cable laying without excavation

Tapered end with pulling rope eye

Protective safety brake fitted to the frame

9mm Diameter

Weight: 33kg

Safety Equipment Required:

Hard Hat, Safety Footwear, protective gloves.

A large car, pick up or van is recommended to pick up this piece of equipment up from our depots


1 Day: £42.00 + VAT

2 Day: £52.50 + VAT

3 Day: £59.50 + VAT

Week: £70.00 + VAT

Extra Day: £10.00 + VAT

Deposit: £100.00 (Card Only)

*Deposit amount may vary depending on the length of hire

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