Easi Float / Bull Float


Product Code: CON95

The easi float is a manual float which smooths the finish of poured concrete. Its long handle allows the user to get to the hard to reach areas of the concrete surface and its rounded corners allow the float to eliminate finishing marks. It is perfect for large areas such as concrete drives, sections of warehouses and patios. It also has a swivelled end which means that the user will be able to manoeuvre the float effortlessly.

Lightweight 1030mm wide adjustable aluminium head

Easily put together rods which goes 5.1m

Comes with carry case

This machine can be picked in a medium or larger vehicle which has the facility for the seats to be folded.

Safety Equipment Required:

Protective Gloves, Safety Footwear & Eye protection.


1 Day: £18.60 + VAT

2 Day: £23.25 + VAT

3 Day: £26.35 + VAT

Week: £31.00 + VAT

Extra Days: £6.20 + VAT

Deposit: £50.00 (Card Only)

*Deposit amount may vary depending on the length of hire

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