Wrecking Bar 5ft

Wrecking Bar 5ft

Product Code: BLD04

Our Digging/Wrecking Bar is manufactured from high grade heat treated steel bar, digging bars have a hexagonal profile shank with a pencil point at one end, and a 50mm (2in) flat chisel edge at the other. Used for breaking rock or concrete and for levering heavy objects.

Technical Specs

Length: 1500mm (60in).
Shank size: 25mm (1in).
Weight: 6350g (14lb).
Chisel Width: 50mm (2in).

Safety Equipment Required:

Protective Gloves, Safety Footwear & Eye protection.

You can pick this piece of equipment using a medium/large car, pick up or van.


1 Day: £8.77 + VAT

2 Day: £10.96 + VAT

3 Day: £12.42 + VAT

Week: £14.61 + VAT

Extra Days: £2.09 + VAT

Deposit: £10.00 (Card Only)

*Deposit amount may vary depending on the length of hire


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