6 CFM Compressor

6 CFM Compressor

Product Code: AIR02

The 6 CFM compressor is perfect for all small use applications and jobs that require the compressor to be portable. For example to can be used to power pneumatic tools such as impact guns, staplers/nailers & die grinders, as well as many many more.

Powerful 2.0hp motor

8.0CFM piston displacement

3.5CFM max. free air delivery

116.0psi (8.0 bar) max. pressure

Wheel mounted for easy movement

Easy to read gauge

Lightweight – weighs just 19.5kg!

PCL Outlets

Safety Equipment Required:

Protective Gloves & Safety Footwear

This machine can be collected using any medium or larger vehicle.


1 Day: £30.00 + VAT

2 Day: £37.50 + VAT

3 Day: £42.50 + VAT

Week: £50.00 + VAT

Extra Days: £7.14 + VAT

Deposit: £90.00 (Card Only)

*Deposit amount may vary depending on the length of hire

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