Adjustable Props (Acro)

Adjustable Props (Acro)

Product Code: STA85

An adjustable prop or acro prop is a piece of building equipment that is a steel tubular steel prop which is used for temporary support of walls & ceilings for formwork.

Acro props are telescopic so can be used at many different heights with just the one sized prop,  this is due to the holes in the tubing at different heights. An acro pin is then inserted to the hole and the desired height, a screwed handle has to be then put position to the lock the prop into place.

As the acro props vary in length we recommend different vehicles can be used to pick these pieces of equipment up:

No 0: Medium Car

No 1: Large Car (With seats down)

No 3: Van/Pick Up

No 4: Truck/Pick Up

Safety Equipment Required:

Protective Gloves & Safety Footwear

Prices: £4.50 + VAT per week each (Minimum 1 Week Hire).

Price is the same for all sizes of props.

Deposit: £20 per prop (Card Only)

Extra Days: 0.64p + VAT

*Deposit amount may vary depending on the length of hire

Acro props come in various sizes which are specified below.

No 0 Adjustable Prop 1.0-1.8 metres

No 1 Adjustable Prop 1.8-3 metres

No 3 Adjustable Prop 2.6-3.9 metres

No 4 Adjustable Prop 3.2-4.9 metres

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