Burco Boiler (Electric)

Burco Boiler (Electric)

Product Code: LEI05

The burco boiler is perfect for any event that requires hot water. The input for this machine is 240v electric (household plug)

  • Burco catering urns are the reliable, safe, economical and robust solution for catering premises who demand regular hot water when they need it.
  • Larger 30 litre capacity than Swan urns, leading to more time and drinks between refilling the urn.
  • A powerful 2.5KW heat up time that helps keep the water hot and a faster heat up time once the temperature of the water eventually drops.
  • You have the choice of temperature with 9 heat settings, allowing you to find the ideal level of heat for your customers, leading to a more positive experience in your premises.
  • Robust materials with a durable stainless steel finish
  • The lid is lockable for safety for staff and vulnerable users
  • Concealed element for easy maintenance and cleaning and a higher reliability rate than other catering urns.
  • Thermostat setting Approximate water temperatures below;
  • Setting 1 37°C (99°F)
  • Setting 2 55°C (131°F)
  • Setting 3 68°C (155°F)
  • Setting 4 82°C (180°F)
  • Settings5-6 97°C (207°F)

Safety Equipment Required:

Protective Gloves & Safety Footwear

Any vehicle can be used to pick this piece of equipment up from our depots.


1 Day: £25.96 + VAT

2 Day: £32.45 + VAT

3 Day: £36.77 + VAT

Week: £43.26 + VAT

Deposit: £80.00 (Card Only)

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